Not need for much for presentation, I think. Binary rhythm. Style of less importance in flamenco but very often played bus easily accessible to general public. Truths aficionados prefer the tangos to him. For my part, I like the rumba but am obliged of to admit that it becomes a little too hold-all for certain musicians... I remember a discussion with my friend Paco Pena who said to me that the rumba can be very beautiful when it remains flamenca...


 LA RUBIA : rumba traditional that I arranged and to which I added a second guitar. It is not very difficille to be interpreted.

La Rubia ( Populaire ). Romano. Duet of guitars.


 ENTRE DOS AGUAS : celebrate composition of Paco de Lucia. This version is the first which it recorded in the disc " Fuente y Caudal ". The beginning is rather simple but all becomes complicated very quickly. Apart from the speed of the tempo and very high technical level, one of the principal difficulties is the perfect installation of the notes with hitch. That-çi is absolutely necessary to play the piece in the spirit and to approach the phenomenal pulsation of Paco de Lucia... Work this rumba slowly and even if you do not arrive at the tempo of Paco, the fact of having felt through notes would not be what a negligible part of the spirit of the composition will be already a considerable progress for your future of guitarist and flamenco...

Entre dos aguas ( Paco de Lucia ). Romano. Dut of guitars.


EXERCICES IN THE STYLE OF THE RUMBA : a small exercise that I composed and declined in two versions, one solo, the other with two guitars. Respect the fingerings strictly...

Exercice rumba ( Romano ). Version solo

Exercice rumba ( Romano ). Duet of guitars.

EXERCICES FOR THE RIGHT HAND OF THE RUMBA : a series of movements of the right hand writes for the rumba, but whose technique used can be used for other pieces. fc : the hand flat all the strings while striking with a percussion.
Exercices for the right hand of the rumba ( Romano ). Romano


Tico-Tico ( Zequinha Abreu ). Romano

La playa ( Jo Van Wetter ). Romano

Rumba ( Romano ). Romano

 LA ZARDA DE MONTY : popularized with the guitar by Paco de Lucia. The notes are easy but the speed impressionante... If you find CD, buy it and listen to the piece for seizing all the nuances well. Version with two guitars.

Zarda de Monty ( V. Monty Paco de Lucia ). Romano. With the invaluable assistance of José Urbano Cuesta " El Macareno "

El Emigrante ( Valderrama .Serrapi ). Romano. A classical song in the style of bolero-rumba.

Candela ( Manolo Sanlucar ). Romano and Macareno. The solo of this rumba. The accompaniment is in the midi page

La Lola ( rumba flamenca of Paco Pena ). Romano. Very beautiful rumba in E m.

Rumba ( Sabicas ). Romano. Rumba in the old style, a little linear but pretty...